Search option in design tab to cwicly search and edit css properties

Hi There!

Can we have a search option in the design tab to cwicly search and edit CSS properties?


Hi @kane,

I have been giving this some thought over the last weeks and am glad to see this suggestion here.
Cwicly could definitely benefit from this.

Here are a few things I’ve been wondering about:

  • Would the search bring you to the specific tab/property directly or provide you with options?

  • Would you have a search by CSS property (i.e size vs background-size) or general naming?


I really like the first option IDK about the others.

This is a good idea! (and it would provide a workaround for those like myself, that don’t really like the current multilevel icon compartmentalized structure)

Maybe a dropdown (in which you can scroll through each options) that also has a search. (that searches through those dropdown options)

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Would’ve been a life safer before the UI overhaul was introduced and I wished it was there so many times.
Not sure if such an option can save me time now or improve my workflow.
Working with hotkeys and macros, so I would give it a try anyway, which I think is currently not possible.

In any case, please consider an option to toggle the search bar.
I think a quick toggle would make more sense in this case which could be triggered from the block options and not from the global options.

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I think a search is required. I feel I am spending most time finding the required property location. With Bricks - I just search property and make modification there. With Pinegrow - I just type out the property and values. Navigating throughout the UI to find a particular property is not for me. May be I don’t have the best memory.

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the search engine is a great idea in my opinion, it speeds up the work and creating projects :)!

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Doesn’t the first option sound more in sync with the whole philosophy of UI?
Would 2nd option open new doors I don’t expect?
Right now I go to 1st but also wonder if it is needed… but for new users like me it is needed and better treat them well I guess, for experienced users, still a great option especially if I work one month on another tool and forgot the icons.
Like Devdoit wrote, it may very well speed up the workflow in the end.

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Bumping up this feature request!