Reusable blocks overrides

Not sure if it is even possible somehow in the WP ecosystem. But it will be great to have the Reusable blocks overrides.

For example

  • I will design the section.
  • WIll make it as the primary reusable block
  • Set-up overrides for section such as texts and images
  • Reuse the block on the other page
  • Ovveride the texts and images on the new page

I think you are describing block patterns.

Its already there? Or so?

Yes, it’s a feature in the core block editor. ( Introduction to block patterns - Full Site Editing)

When you save to the cwicly library it’s basically the same thing. (it creates a pattern)

Hi @petrbilek,

If I’m not mistaken, this would be closer to something like components? Where you can modify the styles/layout for a specific component and then specify which “props” can be modified by the user.

Any style/layout modification to the component will be reflected everywhere you’re using that component, but the “props” stay unique to each implementation?

If so → this is definitely planned!


Yeah, components it’s the right naming.
It’s great to see you are planning it. :pray: