Reset/sync breakpoints to Tailwind custom breakpoints


Since we can change Tailwind breakpoints through TW config file, it would be very convenient if Cwicly’s TW breakpoints reset button could use the custom config as the reset reference:

Maybe an option to automatically sync Cwicly’s breakpoints with TW’s config could be used to?


Hello @yankiara,

I would recommend doing it the other way round: Breakpoints - Documentation

Or is there a specific reason for this?


I’m not sure to understand…
Do you mean there’s a way to automatically set TW breakpoint to Cwicly’s?

My request is about changing breakpoints only in one place, then apply to both Cwicly and TW.

Hello @yankiara,

The cwiclyScreens variable should hold the necessary info automatically, so you would have:

theme: {
    screens: cwiclyScreens,

Thanks @Louis, this is perfect, I think I had deleted the line for tests purpose :wink:

As for the reverse way, I still think it could be useful, for example for copy/pasting a whole TW config to a another install and sync Cwicly in one click.