Repeater: be careful you can empty a row, don't forget to delete it

Hi all,

Unfortunately, this might come from ACF, rather than Cwicly directly, as I noticed that behavior while trying to create alternative layouts depending if the repeater was used or not and had to create specific code for that.

It seems like in a Repeater, when deleting a row previously created, the ACF repeater, empty it but doesn’t delete it.
As a result, if you create a dynamic slider based on the repeater and happened to remove rows in the repeater, you will end up with empty slides in your slider.
This will happen as well with other layout than slider.

To recreate the problem,
create an ACF repeater and a repeater layout, add 3 rows to the repeater, save, check the page, go back to the repeater and delete 1 or 2 rows, save and go back to the page.

In my case I had only 1 image field as a repeater row.



Hi @JuGa,

I’m currently not able to reproduce this on my side.
Can you possibly set up a quick test instance on if you have the possibility so that I can check this out when the row is removed but not completely?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Louis ,

thank you for looking into this.

Here the instal:

Username :

Password :

If you go on the post Hello World to which I added a repeater with 1 image field inside, you will see

3 dots and 2 images, if you go to the 3rd image, you will see nothing but the background.

To do this, I first add 3 images to the repeater. Saved the post.
And later, edited the post and deleted one row of the repeater, saved again.

Now if I edit Hello World post, I see only 2 images in the repeater but on the frontend, there are 3 dots and 2 images plus 1 empty slide.

I hope it makes the case easier to understand.



Hi @JuGa,

Thanks for taking the time on this one.

I’m still seeing the 3rd row present on the backend.
I removed it and don’t have it appearing on the frontend.
Or am I misunderstanding something here?


You’re right! :cold_face:
I am really sorry to have made you lose time on that matter. :ashamed:

I guess it is another reason to wait for the update allowing us to change an image gallery into a dynamic slider…

Thank you and really sorry on this…


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No problem at all, glad we got that sorted out :slight_smile:
Thanks for setting the demo installation!

Definitely, the dynamic slider for the gallery block is necessary and will be worked on soon.