Repeater as a gallery and Lightbox(es)

Dear all,

I have to say, after wishing for a dynamic slider option for a gallery, using the repeater for an image gallery is growing on me. It seems that you can select multiple images if you need, just like in a gallery. Allowing to add extra infos is a plus too. The updated Repeater block visibility conditions offers a lot of flexibility, plus you can nest a repeater into a repeater in case you’d like multiple galleries, each having a title for example. Pretty awesome!
One thing I haven’t yet been able to figure out is how in the case of a nested repeater into a repeater to allow using independent lightboxes instead of one (the possibility to have them all in one Lightbox is awesome, but I am facing now the need of the other option).

My structure is very simple:
One Repeater contains 1 Text field and 1 Repeater field, this last Repeater contains 1 Image field.

Do you think it could be possible to add a dynamic value to the Lightbox Gallery Name, that could be set to the repeater field of the current or parent row, therefore allowing to create separated Lightboxes?

Thank you in advance,



Today I was trying to achieve a similar thing as mentioned in this thread. However, I did not use a Repeater, but a standard Query Loop with a Gallery block for each loop item. The query loop items in my case were posts that have an ACF gallery field attached. Unfortunately, I could not get to the expected result - separate lightboxes for each query loop item. I also tried modifying the respective class and data-attribute (giving each of the items an individual gallery name) via custom JavaScript, but there still was only one lightbox for all the galleries on the page.

Is there a way to achieve this, maybe with a workaround?