Render dynamic data from Option page

I came from Bricks Builder, so I’m just testing, but I think i found strange thing.

I want to simplify my client’s life, so He doesn’t have to go cwicly editor.
I made an Option page with ACF called Banners.
I made 4 banners (I have only filled out 1 yet for testing)
Made every banners Title, subtitle, conten, bkgd image and an button link.

After I made in cwicly FSE (made custom frontpage template) Frontpage
In Frontpage made a GRID
And after filled out all of data in the biggest banner.

It is not render datas in editor and cant see anything in public side.

Hi @malaga,

Make sure you select the options page as the field’s location.

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Thanks, I founded the problem. The first was what you wirtten, the second is I set up for image in ACF the ID and not the array.