Remove Lock In

From old feedback: Remove Lock In | Cwicly

Cwicly blocks are currently unavailable when the plugin is not installed, resulting in a content lock in. Would be great to be able to convert Cwicly blocks to Gutenberg blocks or at least give the user the possibility to recover content.

And also possibly the ability to convert from core Gutenberg blocks to Cwicly blocks, for those who are moving to Cwicly from core layouts or from another builder that has the ability to convert to Gutenberg blocks.

Agreed! This has been one of the main concerns I’ve had so far when it comes to building for clients.

This is a difficult one. Thanks for bringing it up again.

With our last big update 1.1, we moved towards the Gutenberg official rendering system.
It ended up being a nightmare because of the poor handling by Gutenberg in block updates…

So we reverted to dynamic rendering which means that content lock-in is still an issue.

We are currently figuring out the best ways to save users from basically losing their content etc…

One proposition was to provide an extra plugin that would allow users to convert Cwicly blocks (whether Cwicly is installed or not) to Gutenberg default blocks.

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