Remain classes and ID's when pasting to different installation

Alright, I just saw the new tutorial about linking certain blocks.
In case of copy/paste these kind of blocks to different Cwicly installations, the linking/connection will break because new ID’s and classes will be auto-generated.
Same thing applies to Tabs, Accordions and all the other upcoming blocks.

Also, it is required to add additional classes to blocks when working with interactions, only for this reason.

In case it has to be done on a regular basis, it will become a pain in no time.
Also, when sharing designs with other people, these will never work out of the box.
Apart from the additional required steps, there is too much space for potential errors.

There were some discussions about it already, I just want to create a separate topic for it.
No rush at all, don’t want to be annoying here, just hoping this will be addressed at some point.