Relative Styling Image Options

Hey there,

I really fell in love with the relative Styling Feature. It’s almost a complete solution to replace custom CSS styles and also a very good solution to keep maintainability easy and simple since I can style my whole layout from the wrapper.

There are only a few options missing in my opinion to make it a real complete solution. Of course I forgot to write them down while editing and because of that I am submitting now the first option which is missing in my opinion (maybe more will come later :-D):

I am missing options to style images. I can’t set object-fit, lazy-load and all the other controls that appear to be in the primary-tab of the image! Of course not everything makes sense (like the image alt), but at least the ability to set object-fit for those images would be very helpful in my opinion! :wink:

Bildschirm­foto 2022-12-27 um 12.11.28


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