Redesigning our own website with Cwicly

I’m not an agency or anything – just a business owner trying to update the website to look modern and appealing. We allow users to simulate their investment strategies. The website is at Do you have any ideas how I could improve it, and any thoughts in general?

Hi @equitieslab,

Firstly, nice use of colour, I like the text shadow on the heading and nice scroll transition on the posts.

Some quick ideas, as you requested:

  1. Make sure nothing is overlaying the navigation links that will reduce the clickable area on the home page
  2. Perhaps slightly reduce the main heading size, on a high resolution screen it takes up a lot of space
  3. Give more space for your layout elements to breath. Currently the header / navigation area is very close to the content area - adding some vertical space will create a more aesthetically balanced look and make it easier for the user to quickly differentiate between the parts of the page

Thanks!! We’re now implementing your chages – they were exactly what I was looking for.

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