Recreate CPTs and taxonomies in ACF

Perhaps a stupid question: in a live site, is there a way to easily recreate in ACF, CPTs and taxonomies initially created in CPT-UI (in order to remove CPT-UI plugin).

@David made a tutorial about it.

However, I recommend doing that inside a staging environment.

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I just want to confirm that we have done this using the built-in importer in ACF on multiple sites and it worked seamlessly.

You mean that you:

  • exported the JSON files via Export Post Types settings and Export Taxonomies settings
  • imported those 2 JSON files via ACF>Tools> Import

and using this process no data are lost?

@weedor, Almost, but it was actually even easier than that.

We only did the following steps:

  1. Opened ACF > Tools
  2. Scrolled to the Import panels for Custom Types and Taxonomies
  3. Listed there were the existing CPT-UI ones in both cases and we selected them for import
  4. Then uninstalled CPT-UI

Simple as that!


Simple as that!
That’s great!