Rebuilt my own site from oxygen

Last week, i changed my hosting.
And i also choose to rebuild my site with Cwicly (previously made with oxygen) :

My stack:

  • hosting = infomaniak
  • plugins =
    – cwicly
    – secupres
    – slimSEO
    – wpvivid
    – forminator
  • theme = cwicly

and i used core framework for colors, spacing and font size (not as a plugin, i used the online app and create a CSS stylesheet with just the styles i needed)

i had fun using some JS animations frome kreative scroll, and an other one i had on my previous site (found it on codepen and tweak it a little)

i had fun creating hover effects with CSS

i had fun rebuilding my website!

(and i’m sad i don’t have an LTD licence)


looks cool, bold, fun and precise…cool transition between the sections!

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