Rank Math Integration

From old feedback: https://feedback.cwicly.com/boards/feature-requests/posts/rank-math-integration

Able to set custom Title-tag and meta descriptions. And get access to all Rank Math options and tools.

I’d like to see integration with Rank Math. Looking how to add breadcrumbs.

With 1.2.7 this should now be compatible.

If you do come across any issue, please reply to this thread so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks to @dranzer for pointing this out!

i did not see this is working at all ,

Rank Math

The only thing that is not working for me is that the image alt could not be detected by Rankmath. I have reported this once, still waiting for Louis to fix it.

Not sure about it but auto replacement of alt is a pro version in Rankmath. Are you on free ?
I have been using RM pro for 2 years and am stopping for Seopress pro, 4x cheaper and just as good IMO. We don’t need all the AI stuff, I mean we do but not from Rankmath :slight_smile:

You got me wrong. What I meant was actually about the image block by Cwicly. Rankmath couldn’t detect its alt text. :wink:

Now it’s working fine.

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rank math can not show up the setting on posts in custom post type(CPT ).

on my other site with astra theme and spectra, it do work


Hi @qiang814k,

I’m not sure this would be a Cwicly issue then? We don’t disable any plugin in the editor. Might be a good idea to reach out to RankMath for this one.

i do not know whether it is cwicly issue or not. as a fun of cwicly, i report what i saw for you as reference.

for me , rank math can be used on posts in custom post type(CPT ) on my astra with sepctra site. but can not use on cwicly site, plus default posts and pages rank math setting on cwicly site is also perfect.

So either rank math do some thing for cwicly or , cwicly do some thing for rank math. othervise may be it can never works to perfect.

i will also report on rank math

:smiley: :smiley: