Rank math causing block error


Just installed rank math as almost ready to go live. Then i went to edit the home page, desktop view is fine, but changing to tablet/mobile - This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.

Checking console:
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘classList’)
at index.js?ver=
at gm.forEach ()
at gm.addClass (index.js?ver=
at iC.updateSlidesClasses (index.js?ver=
at iC.slideTo (index.js?ver=
at iC.init (index.js?ver=
at index.js?ver=
at index.js?ver=
at Ur (react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10:73411)
at Jr (react-dom.min.js?ver=18.2.0:10:80643)

Step-by-step reproduction instructions:

it seems to be affecting only the home page, when changing responsive view on other pages/templates all seems fine.

When i deactivate rank math, it’s all good.

Hello @donlee100,

Thanks for the report.

Does it happen when no block is selected and you switch breakpoints?
Does it happen when only certain blocks selected?

Thanks in advance.


I encountered the same issue but without RankMath. It happens after updating to I made a video (1.5 minutes) showing the page without block error in, updating to, regeneration blocks and showing the error.

I have no blocks selected only change breakpoint and get the error. The page only consists of section container slider and about 12 slides with images. When i copy the whole section to a new page also get the same error when changing breakpoint

After some troubleshooting i believe the fault is with slider block settings. Toggling loop off no longer causes block error when changing breakpoints in combination with rank math plugin, hope that helps.


Hi @donlee100,

Thank you for investigating this further!

With, we have removed the loop preview in the editor to avoid this issue:

Kindly let me know if this is the case on your end.

Thank you in advance.

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this, @Xonbu.com.

Could you possibly check your browser console log, and see if any errors appear?
iIf you do notice anything, kindly share a screenshot.

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If this is possible, for security and privacy reasons, kindly send the details using our paste website, by sharing the link generated through email to support@cwicly.com.

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Thank you in advance.