Query Woocommerce Products by Author

just met this request, seems cwicly query block did not have this function yet.

can we have Woocommerce Products by Author like post setting?

woo product query: did not have author

post query: have author

some hint here


Thanks so much for the request.

I believe the Author parameter is not documented with the Products query but available internally.
I have added it to the feature tracker.

Best regards,

thanks, johnny,

i am testing a frontend user to list woo products ,
woo products query by author will open a big window for that.
since we already have it internally, hopefully we get it out. :grinning:

one more thing to let you know in testing:

cwicly query block(woocommerce product query) can not get product’s author acf field data. in loop

i have acf filed group for author( field group have a author photo and phone number, author name),
each author can create their own products.

i use query block to list all their products out, in query template have author area(yellow background)

query block setting:

author area(yellow background) show acf dynamic data author photo and it’s phone number:
dynamic setting:


from the yellow area you can see, both the photo and the user phone number are all repeated the same data(only the author name is correct), so i think they can not show the author acf field data correctly on the loop.

Finally hint:
when i change query woocommerce products to wordpress default posts or custom post type post, the author acf data, are all working correct. this issue only happen when query woocommerce products on the loop.

hopefully this will helps for next

another thing kindly report,

can not list out the custom product type at the moment.

but when you type in like this, it’s can find the correct product type(service) product

user role show conditions did not work in products query block either.