Query Template not editable?

I want to display posts in a query.
I crated a new ACF Group “Partner” and set the filter to post type.
Now I created a new CPT UI type with the same name “Partner” and filled it with information.

When i now want to create a query, everything works until I add the Query Template to the Query.
The Block Settings won’t show up. The same goes for imported Templates.

Not really sure what to do about that, am I missing something? :thinking:

Thx in advance for any answer :smiley:

Hi there @T-low,

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Sorry for the trouble with this, I’ll try and help you through it.

Might I ask if you have any posts published in the specific CPT you’re trying to query? It’s important there is at least one post published so that the Query block picks up the necessary information for the Query Template.

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@T-low If your structure is all there is in the screenshot, then you are missing the actual template of a queried post. Add inside the Query Template, a title, image etc. and link them to your dynamic fields.
The Query Template is just a wrapper, it doesn’t actually displays anything.

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Thx for the replies. Long story short it was the CPT UI Plugin.

The posts were all published. I was not able to add any blocks to the Query Template.
Well no wonder, after adding posts manually, the query template displayed, that there were no results that equals my parameters.
After I add a new post it worked. The difference was, that the other posts were displayed with the “Custom Post Type UI” plugin. “Custom Post Type UI provides an easy to use interface for registering and managing custom post types and taxonomies for your website.” Well I thought that the CPT plugin would just display my fields in a user friendly manner but that seems to not be the case. Is Cwicly not supporting that Plugin yet?

I am using the plugin for my clients to give them easy access to their content. So they don’t have to add categories and other stuff to “posts”, and creating errors while they are at it. Looks like this:

Because I am way too lazy to create a frontend editing panel for my clients…
I know of no ACF functionality which could create such a simple UI… Metabox is a planned alternative but that will probably take time. :thinking:
So is there a way to accomplish this with cwicly & ACF? Is a feature request for the CPT UI Plugin reasonable?

Kough kough… no wonder I love Cwicly, using it without knowing how to integrate the data but the option is there :sweat_smile:

To answer my second question how to integrate the CPT UI data into a query:

  1. create a CPT UI field and fill it with published data.
  2. on your site create a query block and under query settings go to the query editor
  3. select posts and select dynamic values
  4. for the source use WordPress, leave the WORDPRESS selection empty and enter in the fallback field the CPT UI field name you created
  5. now proceed as usual, create a query template, the div and content
    CPTUI integration

A better solution is probably to activate REST in the CPT UI editor.

Check out the answer of @Louis from this POST!