Query Results on Map

You’ve added Query Results on Slider. Awesome! Let’s keep it going!

Rendering results on a map (with posts attached to an ACF geo/map field) is next!

As part of this, we should have a way to filter by proximity, so we can implement store locators right within Cwicly!


THIS is so needed !!!

Let’s keep the voting going… :grin:

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Any news on that front @Louis ?

Still no communication on this feature request?

Hi there @avunu and @A375929,

Thanks for bringing this up.

This will be addressed as soon as we have reworked our Maps block that needs to include a few features requested on this forum.

Thanks for your patience on this one.



Hi @Louis, just checking on this as we have a requirement for it coming up very soon.

Thank you!

We also have a requirement, but I’m wondering if WP GridBuilder works with CWICLY?