Query order by acf field

i have a member cpt made with acf in which i have several fields such as their first name and last name.

I’d like my query to sort members ordered by last name from A to Z

Here is what i have set in my query editor:

And here is what i have on front end (it change every time i refresh the page… so order seems to be random…):

page is here if you want to check: equipe – Guides de Verbier

@StrangeTech @Araminta any idea what i’m missing here ?

If you can share a bit more about how you have set up and configured your ACF field, it may help rule out some possible causes.

Also, whether you used Frontend rendering for the query.

@StrangeTech the ACF field “member_name” is just a text field, nothing special about it

and i disabled frontedn rendering because when activated, i don’t see anything on frontend…

when i watch the code, it seems like “orderby” is empty…

@StrangeTech @Araminta i’ve found the solution: in the “orderby” field, i shouldn’t have put dynamic value. When i put “metavalue” and then meta-key “member_name” it work perfectly