Query block Search add "sentence" option for query args

Hey there!

As far as I can teill there is no way in the query block to set the sentence arg of the wp_query to true.

This leads to a problem when I want to create a search filter block for a query where search terms can consist of more than two words.

For example. If I have a search filter that should search for city names the filter works for single word city names like London or Berlin. But if you search for New York or New Jersey both cities are shown no matter if I search for New, New York or New Jersey. But if the user searches for New Jersey I only want results for New Jersey to show up. I can not intuitivly expect the user to add quotation marks around New Jersey.

My suggestion is to add a checkbox to make the search seach for the whole search term as one sentence without breaking it apart into different words.

Changing the Order By to “Relevance” can help in some situations but not if I only want to show results that match the complete search term and not single words from it also.

Another possible solution could be to allow to add a static Prefix and Suffix to the search term, so I can add the quotation marks automatically to get the same result.