Query block infinite load button did not work again

  1. button id

2. put in query (no frontend rendering)

3. each page show 9

4. total have 22 items

5. click button, nothing happened on frontend.

fresh install 1.4. testing site
updated to Version now
only have two plugin: Autoptimize, Cache Enabler

Hello @qiang814k,

You don’t seem to have enabled the ID: Block ID - Documentation


yes, you are corrected. it is working after i turn off"Remove Classes & IDs" , thanks so much.
you can move this topic to normal now.

is this toggle turned off by default now?
i think i did not change this setting by default after finish installation.

Hello @qiang814k,

You don’t have to turn that option off if you follow the steps provided in my previous link.

This option has been the default for quite some time now.

Moving to General.


it is working very well with “Remove Classes & IDs” turn on
plus turn on the ID green dot on right side block panel


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