Query between 2 dates

Is it possible via Query Block to create a query to select posts posted between 2 dates?
I didn’t found how to do but it would be very practical for me not to have to use Code Block.

PS: the dates are calculated from TODAY through TODAY + 3months

Hi @weedor,

Yes it is possible to do so (through the Date Query parameter), but if dynamic you’ll have to provide a YEAR, MONTH and DAY property which might not be ideal.

This may be a good place to add a general dynamic option for before and after properties so that full dates can be used instead of having to specify the detail for each.

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That would be great, because I tried the solution that you propose and it is uggly.
I keep on looking for a quick solution (perhaps using “On sale from” and “On sale till”).
One problem is the lackof dates in the comparator.

In the same time, I am looking deep in queries and that is a good training.
If I find a solution, I will post it in reply.

Oh is this for a meta value?
If so, you can use the Meta Query parameter with the meta_key you’re interested in and simply use a shortcode with an array of the dates you want.
Then specify type as DATE and compare as BETWEEN

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I must analyse your answer.
It is complicated for me but I will try and I hope to success.
I will keep you in touch.

@Louis ,
I digged a bit into meta queries.
Isn’t it posible to had custom option in the value: functions wordpress (today, date, is_user_logged_in(), etc.) and/or a shortcode that returns a value
In my case, I would have a meta value to DATE (today).

The meta query would be:

'meta_query' => 
    array (
      0 => 
        array (
          'key'     => my field date ACF,
          'value'   => date("Y-m-d H:i:s"),
          'compare' => '<=',
          'type'    => 'DATE',

In the same spirit, none values could be picked from woocommerce (woocommerce is my center of attention for now but it could be values from others plugins).