Query based on ACF relational field value(s)

Query based on ACF relational field value.

  1. ACF relational field configured to return Post ID(s).

  1. Then the query selects posts based on the active page ACF relational field value(s).


Logic and UI should be similar to what’s already done on “Taxonomy Query” and “Meta Query” tabs.

No need for this feature, the solution is available. It would be nice to have more “Howtos” and more examples for the query editor. :slight_smile:

The solution is based on this post.

DALE: The "Doctor And Location Example" With Solutions For Queries, Relations & Other Stuff.

Show brand page on product page.

Relational field:

Assigning values in product page:

Query settings:

It doesn’t work if “Post type” is not set !!!

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And the other way.

Show products on the Brand page.