Pseudo class/element display issues

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Setting display property on pseudo class or element is real pain…

1. Setting display on pseudo class/element applies to normal state instead of pseudo

For instance, select inline-block for pseudo element, and normal state display is set to inline-block.



And although it seems that display is applied to pseudo class/element backend, it is not applied on frontend:


NOTE: It seems to work for main display properties, so maybe only dropdown items are buggy but I’ve not tested all.

2. Some properties seem to be common and affect normal and pseudo at the same time

For instance, editing flex-direction or alignment in pseudo class changes normal state as well.




For me, all available display properties should be independant.

3. We don’t clearly see which property is common or independant from normal state

For instance, display is independant, but it is not highlighted like other settings:

4. There is some inconsistency between primary tab and design tab / layout

5. Some minor inconsistency with block display


Hi @yankiara,

This should all be addressed in
If you have further remarks or issues, please let me know by replying to this thread.