Problem connecting component property

I’m watching the video # 1.3 - Cwicly Components and am having an issue connecting the background’s color property when modifying a component.

I’ve watched it over and over again, but I just can’t see a way to connect the Background property. In the video at 37:18, Louis clicks on a little dot in the top left of the Background field – that brings up an All Properties dialog where you can connect the field. I don’t have that little dot to connect it – maybe how it’s done has changed since the video?

Btw, I’m currently working in the trial sandbox, I don’t have a copy of Cwicly.

Hello @briansteeleca,

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You are probably using Tailwind.

Not sure about this one, but as far as I know, the 1.4 update only introduced Tailwind. With upcoming versions, it will be further integrated into existing functionalities.

You can switch off Tailwind, add your properties and switch Tailwind on again.

This might also help:


Thanks so much @T-low. You’re right, I am using Tailwind.

As you suggested, switching off Tailwind, connecting the property and then turning Tailwind back on worked. :clap:

Good to know that there will be further integration. Components + Tailwind is really powerful!