Post excerpt improvements

Hi there,

I’m building a number of websites that’ll be publishing short stories. Can you improve the display of the post excerpt please by allowing:

  1. HTML code to carried through the display of the excerpt? In particular, I would like it to display new lines. Not even including </ br> works. Otherwise, an excerpt containing paragraph breaks and other formatting such as italic and bold do not display properly - it’s just a big chunk of text.

  2. Can you add limits by word count as well as characters, plus the option to add "… to the end. Breaking off in mid word is not a good look.
    (both the above are handled in Elementor :slight_smile: )

I’m thoroughly enjoying learning Cwicly - thanks for all your hard work!



Hi @Noel,

Thank you for taking the time to share this!

  1. Indeed, the Post Excerpt strips HTML tags on the frontend.
    This behaviour is intended (and expected) as it follows how Gutenberg’s Post Excerpt block deals with HTML tags: it strips them.

  2. To clarify, you can already limit the number of characters as well as add Before and After text (which is where you can insert … at the end).

Hope this helps clarify a few things!

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