Possible to remove margins around blocks in Editor?

Hey there,

In the editor there are margins around the blocks. This is quiet annoying since the layout doesn’t matrch the real layout I see on the frontend:

As far as I understand it it seems to be a space where the “+” Button from Gutenberg for adding a block is shown if you enter it with the mouse. But with Cwicly I really don’t need it. I navigate in the navigator completely. It is faster, more reliable and much clearer than trying to find the right point in elements in a pixel perfect design. Of course, this is my personal preference.
I wonder if there is any way to turn this off. I couldn’t find anything in the Cwicly settings and in the forum regarding this issue.

I basically wish my editors to see the page as is (or as will be on the frontend) so they don’t need to switch between frontend / backend all the time and readjust things as I have to do right now.