Possible global class issues

With the newest update, I’m loving how the new class system is shaping up. It keeps all the great things from before, but streamlines it a bit. One thing I noticed is, when you select a global class, it now auto-selects that class (as explained in the live video). This is fine, but now you can run into the problem of changing the global class without realizing it sometimes. This was common in other builders, where they had to create a class-locking system, but that’s a whole other layer of complexity that’s not really needed.

I think a simple way to modify this would be like this: If a global class already exists, just add it and keep the block class as the selected class. If the global class is being created right there from the Primary tab, then make it the selected class so it can be edited. I would assume global classes that already exist have their styling in place, and the ones that are being created new, don’t. Hope this makes sense.


Hi @msguerra74,

Thanks for the encouraging words, really appreciated.

Thanks for pointing this out, it’s exactly one of the concerns we had when implementing it this way.
We did receive some feedback after the live saying that having different behaviours when adding/creating classes might be confusing etc…

This is definitely something that needs attention, and I know that @Araminta is a clear defender of what you propose.

Thanks for your suggestion, which is my preferred solution.
Maybe a user defined action is something to also consider (select/don’t select global class if created, select/don’t select global class if added)?


Thanks, I’m fine with either of those solutions and, yay @Araminta!

I don’t have the insights, but my impression is, vast majority would prefer that exact behaviour.
It just makes the most sense for me.

No matter how it works, some people get confused, some others will see a disruption in their workflow.
Since this is an extremely sensitive and important topic and if there is the possibility to implement dedicated settings (easily), my question is:
What would be the reason to not have such an option?

This makes a lot of sense to me as well.

I can’t believe how fast this was implemented :no_mouth:

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