Popover - trigger from an inline link or span

I want to use the popover more broadly, e.g. to trigger content from an inline link or inline span (e.g. a word within a paragraph), Is that possible? Or would that be a bad programming habit?

And a second question arises with that: I can’t see that it is possible to have the popover positioned horizontally somewhat, e.g. at the right of the trigger, or centered beneath the trigger

I think that would exactly join this suggestion, to get access to this:



I didn’t have problems with Popover positioning yet.
Did you try to align your Popover with this option?

Take care of these options:


Yes, got it now, e.g. positioning at “right start” does the trick, and places the popover content beneath the trigger. I think there are 2 things missing:

  1. Make placement settings responsive, as on mobile you might need it always centered
  2. An overlay feature, so that only the popover content appears clearly, and the rest of the screen vanishes to the background

exactly, voted that too

Wouldn’t both of your points be against the initial idea/purpose of a popover?
Personally, I would avoid such behavior.

But of course, make sure to create a feature request if you find them necessary for your use cases.

Why that, and I don’t think so. For focus and readability reasons (just try to have a popover containing text appearing above other text)

The point is to keep the entire content visible/accessible while providing additional related content. There are use cases to have an overlay though. One example would be the onboarding process when using new software.
Can you elaborate on your use cases?

To make your Popover stand out from the page content, create a kind of isolated/focussed Popover experience, while not holding back actual page content, you could rather rely on CSS properties, like:

  • background-color
  • border
  • box-shadow
  • outline
  • etc.

You could consider making use of these instead of forcing unexpected and restricting behavior on your site visitors.
In case you want your users to exclusively focus on specific content, using the modal block seems to be the more suitable approach.

As always, in the end it’s entirely up to oneself how to proceed - and as already mentioned, if you miss functionality, don’t hesitate to suggest new features in a dedicated topic.