Plugin Compatibility

Since Cwicly is built on Gutenberg does that mean plugins are more likely to be compatible with it? Compared to page builders that is. My top issue with page builders like Oxygen is they don’t always play well with plugins critical to the site functionality.

I am aware of people here using Cwicly with Kadence, Greenshift, Bricks & Oxygen here. You can try the plugins and if any issue then report it to the team. They are quick to fix compatibility issues. But in most cases you will enjoy out of box compatibility. This is a great thing about the block architecture. You can use the cwicly styler block or global class to style non cwicly blocks

Thanks, sounds great. So if I’m using a plugin with a shortcode payment form for example I can use cwicly styler block to style the individual elements correct? Like selector detector (of you’re familiar with Oxygen).

if cwicly can do like wpspectra, which works in native wp block, can work with any theme or plugin, that will be really a killer for everything. :fist: :fist: :fist:

How cwicly compare with wpspectra?

@Brendon There is no selector detector here. You will be able to style by adding the cwicly class to the block. If there are inner selectors which need to be styled then that will be needed to be done manually via custom css.