Please explain to me what is this?

Every element is unstyled, not a single global style to be found on text or boxes yet there is a very weird behavior while changing breakpoints, it also seems like there is a hidden layer with other styled text. and a cwicly notice that I’m not able to read.

Can anyone explain?

I freshly install the oldest version of cwicly I had available 1.3.1 I think, then set a section and container margin sizing and values besides the typography values added by default. nothing else.
Then updated to the latest version, reset to TW BPs and this show up, so I deleted every styling value i found and recorded the video.

Is it normal? it doesn’t seem normal at all.

It is not clear from the video where you are seeing this.

What specifically are you referring to?

The only thing I notice is that occasionally the selected element (in your case the Section) displays the default block inspector for a moment as you are drag resizing. Is that what you are referring to, or is it something else?

I have no time for this but its clear there is a weird jump and the size and font change in the text while moving it through different BPs it also disappear for milliseconds and a notice on the right that i can barely read.

The style is nowhere to be found but the issue was generated because of the BP reset after having global settings applied and its the second site where it happens…

I should have recorded it without selecting the block, but I will record again when i can.

I deleted every value by default and the values I added to the global section and container as well.

looking for every BP and tab to see if there is anything hidden just to start from scratch but still seems something is wrong.

Hello @JulianM,

It seems you are referring to the “jump” that happens when switching between different breakpoints.
To clarify, this behaviour is the default one provided by Gutenberg (I invite you to switch breakpoints with Cwicly deactivated, you will notice the same behaviour).

On the post/page editor the editor doesn’t force an iFrame, but does in the Site Editor.

Cwicly allows you to avoid this jerky behaviour, by forcing the iFrame in any desired editor through the Role Editor:

I hope this helps clear some confusion.

If you do choose to force the iFrame, please note that third party plugins may not be compatible with the latest Gutenberg iFrame, in which case reaching out to the plugin author will be necessary.

Thank you for your understanding.

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You are right the issue is present while editing pages. the toggle actually solve the issue.

Thank you for clearing it out

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