Playground impressions


I have been playing a little with Cwicly today and set up a dummy style guide, basically a partial reproduction of something I usually have for other websites. Coming from Oxygen, recently bought Bricks and played with it a little I can compare them all a little bit.
In Cwicly first of all, I had to learn the interface, the usability is let’s say 80% similar to Oxygen, as it does the advanced stuff also, and basically just need to know where to find things. I honestly think that Cwicly is even more powerful than Oxygen but haven’t reached any dynamic or repeater stuff, which I will certainly do in the near future.
For this dummy style guide I used AutomaticCSS as it works fine with Oxygen and Bricks and wanted to try the basic stuff. It works with some limitations. On the front end all ACSS classes and variables are displayed corectly but none on the editor, so you have to know what you are doing and just do a lot of preview on the front end to check. I’m guessing the editor is loaded before ACSS. If you have an idea on how to make this work I would love to know.
The layout has a bunch of divs and some data that is pulled from ACSS variables as text on the front end for the color hex codes using a little bit of javascript. Colors and font sizes are pulled from ACSS and all is set up there and not inside Cwicly.
I would love to hear ideas on how to mix Cwicly and ACSS better together.
The Cwicly editor started to lag once I added a second set of colors and variables. It lags on the load and it lags while selecting items but it’s nothing big as I’m coming from Oxygen and that is usual there :slight_smile:
I must say that maybe the hosting has an impact on this, it’s a shared one where I have a bunch of other test environments.
I recently did the same thing in Bricks as I did today with Cwicly and Bricks has almost zero lag.
Comparing page size with Bricks built at the end on same thing, Cwicly has around 25% less code than Bricks, which honestly is amazing. Now, numbers are small, 140kb for the Bricks built and 107kb for the Cwicly one, but scaling that one further up on bigger pages might be a thing. No images are on the websites, just code, including loading jQuery for the code to display font name used. Don’t know how to make this in plain javascript :slight_smile:
Overall I must say that I’m pleasantly impressed with the workflow and I will certanly continue exploring.
For reference the dummy pages built in Cwicly and Bricks are.


Hi there @beleancristian,

Thanks for taking the time to share this very interesting sum up of your first impressions with Cwicly.

I’d love to go into more detail a bit later, but may I ask if you were using the Site Editor or Post Editor when experiencing lag while editing with Cwicly?
It would be really helpful knowing this.


Hi @Louis,

It is just a page edited in the page editor. In the templates I have just a template that has the Cwicly post content element and catches all pages.