Perspective setting uses CSS perspective instead of transform pespective()


When setting a perspective in the transform tab, Cwicly currently uses the CSS perspective property on the block.

The problem is that CSS perspective has to be applied on the block’s container because it affects children elements.

Instead, transform’s perspective function should be used, since this applies to the block itself.

NOTE: Both settings are actually useful (sometimes we may need to design multiple elements displayed from the same perspective, so the perspective “container” rule is handy), but I think the most commonly used is the transform’s perspective.

In the below example, Cwicly’s perspective doesn’t work on the block, and I would need to set it on the parent, which is not very handy.
You can see it because the squares look flattent in height, but there is no perspective (top squares should be smaller).

Instead, I use the transform perspective and it is OK.

Hello @yankiara,

My apologies for not reacting to this thread sooner.
You made some great points as the transform’s perspective value was not accessible within Cwicly.

It is now available in using the individual Perspective property in the Transforms tab.

Thanks for your patience on this one.

Please don’t hesitate if you have remarks or suggestions.


Hi @Louis,

Nice perspective implementation (parent or not), but unfortunately it doesn’t work because perspective is added after the rotate parameters. When I manually move in the browser inspector perspective to the beginning of the transform property, it works.

Besides, rotate is broken now because rotateY has been replaced by rotateX.


Another lighting fast fix!

Thank you @Louis.


Hi @yankiara,

Thank you for the report.
This should be addressed in


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