Personal site with Cwicly

Nice to have also my personal site fully switched to Cwicly.
Visual, UI Designer based in Czechia | Petr Bílek (

A lot of savings here due to no need for any other integrations or 3rd parties. As I have used Webflow previously with some 3rd parties like filtres for blog posts and comments sections.

Hope you will like it.


I like it very much. Very clean layout! It is also nice to know you are using Plausible for analytics.

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For me is one of the best analytics solutions out there, as it has everything I needed - simplicity and gdpr in hand. Also, my clients can understand the data well.

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nice one. feel like I see notion note at first sight. clean & simple

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Thank you so much, as I am going to dive more into writing I want to focus on the simplicity of the layout.

It’s very clean and nice. I like it so much!

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Looks awesome! Love the text highlights.


Thanks everyone, really appreciate your kind words.

Wishing you an amazing 2023 with your new site! Here’s to a year filled with success and excitement.

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