Pagination Query template

Hello, why i dont see pagination query template on the blog?

This is a blog preview where the pagination should be shown, but there is nothing.

And there is a preview of the query template

Am I missing something?


Hi @petrbilek,

The pagination should show if there are further pages with items available.

Is frontend rendering turned on/off?
Could you possibly share a screenshot of your pagination settings inside the Query builder?

Much appreciated and sorry for the inconvenience.

hey thanks for taking time and helping me,

Hi @petrbilek,

Thank you for the screenshots.

Would it be possible to have a temporary access to this installation? This way, we can take a better look at what’s going.
If yes, please send it to

Thank you.

Hi @petrbilek,

Thanks for the report.

Indeed, this is an issue when IDs/Classes are deactivated as the Query Pagination Numbers block needs a block ID. If you activate the ID (from the primary tab), this should fix the issue.

It is a bug on our side as the ID should be automatically added.


Thanks, will be there an automatic fix in the next releases? Will wait.

Yes. A template save or HTML regeneration will be needed.

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Please could you share with me the video how to workaround for now?

To force add a block ID or Class, simply click on the little round circle next to their respective field.

Works like a charm! Thanks: Blog | Petr Bilek

Thanks for the report @petrbilek.

This should be fixed in

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