Pagespeed doesn't seem to like the modal close overlay


I’m not a screen reader expert, not even a user, but Pagespeed doesn’t seem to like the modal close overlay to be aria-hidden.

Is there something we could do to improve this?

What is strange is that the mentionned overlay <a> tag looks empty in the page source code.


Faced that couple of months ago.
Couldn’t make any sense of it, so I just ignored it.

That’s because it’s empty. It’s the modal overlay, which is just styled with some CSS.

The user won’t face the mentioned issue from your screenshot.
From UX and accessibility perspective, everything should be fine, you can just test it yourself.

That’s perfect because we don’t want screen reader User-Agents to have access/read the close overlay.
On top of that, the close overlay doesn’t ever contain any children…

An example of why you shouldn’t always trust these screenings.

Yes, what I find strange is that the <a> tag has no focusable descendents (empty), but Google doesn’t seem to see it that way, so I was thinking maybe a parse error from Pagespeed?

Yes everything is OK on my side, but I have no screen reader, that’s why I was asking.
By the way Cwicly offcanvas / menu is by far the more advanced and accessible I could test :slight_smile:

Exactly :slight_smile:

What I find even stranger is that the issue is not mentionned by Pagespeed on front page but only in other pages/posts!

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The only issue being that dropdowns don’t automatically close when opening a new one…