Overlap on CSS Grid?

Can we overlap content on CSS Grid; adding headings over images, etc?


Excellent question! Not quite sure why this hasn’t been a topic here yet :brain:
I think this is not possible currently, using the grid editor.

However, you are still able to achieve such designs by tweaking some CSS properties until that has been (hopefully) implemented at some time.

I just watched the Columns video, which is exciting. Overlapping is essential for what I do. My testing earlier was with Microthemer specifically for MT’s CSS Grid feature.

I used to create designs like this with flexbox but grid seems to be the more elegant solution in most cases, so I’m interested here as well.

Very good point!

We should be including this in the next update, but it will only be available with Auto Grid deactivated :+1:


Great news! Thanks. That will make a big difference. Not a fan of auto grid from a layout perspective. Maybe for a repeater.

Anyone else experiencing issues with it?
Columns, in certain situations, are not resizeable anymore, once overlapping.
I think there is an issue with the ability of grabbing them with the mouse.
In case it’s only me, gonna share a screencast later.

Hi @Marius,

Not sure I see an issue if this is happening when you’re trying to edit a column that has a smaller index number to the one overlapping it?