Option to avoid translation

Is it possible to add in the Cwicly settings an option to select the language to display Cwicly backend.
My site is in french, so I had to set this language in the general Wordpress settings, but I do want Cwicly to be displayed in english.

Sorry to insist but I absolutely want to avoid the translation in Cwicly.
My site is in french.
For exemple: There is a slider in the site: the translation is “Glisseur”
Sorry, but if I have to post a topic with a screenshot for help, who will unsderstand what means “Glisseur”?

Hey @weedor,

Is it possible your browser is translating Cwicly on the backend? No translation files are provided with Cwicly (if my info is correct).

Here is a screenshot of navigator

The first block (Template Part) is not managed by Cwicly → translation provided by WordPress.

For the Slider block, it seems odd to have a translation when Modal isn’t translated.

Do you have any third party plugins that could affect translation?

Nothing close to Cwicly or Gutenberg.
Gutenberg is not installed.
Here is the list of installed and activated plugins: