Not seeing the sidebar in my new install

i’ve tried Cwicly on the website before purchasing… and there was a sidebar … but now that I have purchased and installed on my existing staging site … I don’t see it… I don’t see where to enable/disable it either

i was going to post pictures… but this discourse board doesn’t allow that…

Edit: additionally I don’t see any of the Cwicly icons when I’m trying to edit a template… both the theme and plugins are activated… Am I missing something?

Edit #2 : I get a banner on top saying " your site doesn’t include support for the Cwicly / content block. You can leave this block intact or remove it entirely"

I’m wondering if this has to do with installing the theme on an existing site.

Hi @jboussea,

First it’s a good idea to check the Cwicly Role editor to ensure everything is turned on:

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 17.18.53

Then you should see the following:

Screenshot 2023-11-24 at 17.19.53

If that’s not the case and you are using the latest version of Cwicly, there may be some conflict with another plugin or the install may have not worked correctly and needs to be redone.

Yea I think it’s the latter … as everything is turned on in Role Editor… I’ll try it out

also … there is no known issue with wordpres 6.4… .correct?

QUestion … once I redo it … How do I remove that staging site from my Cwicly account so it doesn’t count towards my installs?

You may be interested in this thread about dev/test/staging servers.:

If your site doesn’t have any of the keywords in the domain/subdomain, then you can remove it from the Cwicly dashboard in your account.

Hi @jboussea,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Kindly see the email I have sent you regarding this.
As per my email, from the screenshot you provided, the Cwicly plugin isn’t activated.

Please confirm whether it is activated or not.

Thank you in advance.

THanks Araminta… it is activated … . this is a staging website. . I’ve just removed the staging website and created a brand new one… and I’m still having the same issue.

Is there a recommended sequence on what to install first and add on … regarding the plugin and theme … cause I have the same issue … The cwicly icons are still not available in my editor …

FYI … the only other plugin i have is shortpixel, Google fonts plugin, managewp work,

perfect… thanks for this … I see it has a DEV attached to it. . thanks

Thank you for confirming this, Jerry.

This seems strange.

To investigate further, could you possibly provide a temporary access to this installation?

If this is possible, for security and privacy reasons, kindly send the details using our paste website, by sharing the link generated to

Thank you in advance.

Ok how do I provide access … should i use the support email as the user?

I can dm the info. .it’s a staging site so I’m not worried about anything breaking.

Yes, that would be great, thanks!

By DM is fine, although it is more convenient for us to track our conversation through support.

Whichever communication method you prefer works.
However, please provide the information using a generated link from our paste website.

Thank you once again!

ok… I’ll use the support email… Ill check out your paste website.

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email sent… thank you for all your help.

Thank you for providing access so promptly!

As mentioned in my email, the presence of 403 forbidden errors in your installation’s browser console log suggests that your web host may be blocking Cwicly’s calls.

After consulting with your web host to investigate any rules obstructing Cwicly calls, kindly keep me posted.

Thank you in advance.

Thanks for looking into it… I will have to deal with siteground . .thanks

Looks like Siteground is saying there is a malware in the Cwicly file. .I emailed support.

As mentioned by email, Siteground has provided insufficient information on the specific elements flagged as malware.

We are not aware of any malware in Cwicly, and would appreciate a more thorough report.

Since we are in contact through email, it may be more effective to continue communicating through the support channel to avoid duplication.

Thank you.

As I am sure many other Cwicly users can attest, we have many testing, in development and live released Cwicly websites on Siteground and have never had this issue.


so you use Siteground …to be honest I was planning on moving away from them …cause I had issues with Ezoic before that… it’s not that I had the issues … but they seem to pass the buck … Though I’m not 100% sure if they are or telling the truth

What has your experience been with support?

Generally speaking good.

They have always been fast and responsive and aside from a few cases with certain features that you cannot turn off manually (e.g. Disabling WordPress auto update that requires a support ticket for every site), and their “inode” restrictions, we’ve been extremely happy with them overall.

I think what sets them apart from other hosting companies we have worked with (and we have tried many over time!) is there hasn’t been any major downtime, bugs or random quirks. We have mostly just been able to work without interruption or distraction, which is refreshing to give them due credit.

Also, I won’t trash other hosting companies here, but there have been many different ones in the past that would always pass the buck when it came to support requests. Those companies had very inexperienced or incompetent support personnel that would constantly blame their issues on our developers or the tech stack, platform or plugins used without even investigating the issue first, even when presented with solid evidence that their servers were the cause of the issue.

With SiteGround the support don’t do any of that nonsense, they have been friendly and professional.

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They have definitely professional and friendly on the surface …To be fair I don’t know for sure whether or not they’re passing the buck … so I can’t definitively say that they are .