No TikTok icon in Cwicly's fontawesome library

I can’t find Tiktok icon in Cwicly’s Fontawesome library(I found it in Bricks’s FontAwesome Library).

Why so?

Hi @jornes,

Thanks for bringing this up!

We’re planning to update our Fontawesome icon library, which will definitely include the TikTok icon.

Thank you for your patience in the meantime.


Hey! Thanks for the reply @Araminta

Glad to hear that.

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I just noticed this as well :open_mouth:

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Yeap…I noticed this because I created an account on TikTok.

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We were going to report this a few months ago and just haven’t had the time, thank you for bringing it up @jornes.

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This will be good as this may also cover the new Twitter / X logo.

You’re welcome.

I hope so X is already available in Fontawesome.

It will also be nice to have Meta’s Threads icon added to the library.

Hello there,

Thanks for the request, @jornes.
Version 1.3 brings in an updated collection of icons, brands etc…

Moving to done.



Thank you Louis.
I’ve updated it for my site. :blush:

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It’s already there. New Twitter’s X and Meta Thread are available under “Brand”.

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Thank you. Updated also and new icons are present.

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