New query builder

I am not sure that it is a bug of the query builder but everytimes that I edit the fields Wordpress and key the screen freezes and I must wait very long time (up to 9 clics on the modal). Sometimes, an error is displayed and I am ejected out of editor.

EDIT: edition outside the query form is normal

Environment info

  • WordPress version: 6.0.2
  • Gutenberg Plugin version: -
  • Cwicly Plugin version:
  • Cwicly Theme version: 1.0.3

Hello @weedor,

Sorry to hear this.
Might I ask if you have WooCommerce activated? If so, could you try deactivating it to see if it helps?

Yes it is.
I try and come back.

I deactivate Woocommerce and I found back the Cwicly original speed. I could modify the query with no screen freeze.

Thanks @weedor, indeed we have noticed this with the latest versions of WooCommerce >= 6.9.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to debug what exactly is going wrong, but it does seem like activity that is coming from the new WooCommerce blocks, even if they’re not added to the post/template.

For the moment, if you don’t need the new items from 6.9, I highly recommend reverting back to 6.8 as the issue doesn’t appear there.

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Ok, that’s done.
It is a bit better: it is steel very slow whan I edit the search part of query but the job is done.
Then I clicked on the icon of Infinite scroll and the page broke. I reached the following page:2022-09-29_152654

Here is the link:

That’s unusual, since that toggle doesn’t do anything on the backend.

Which version of WooCommerce are you now on?

6.8.2 the one I found

I don’t know if the lacke of memory is in the server or in my computer.
The hosting is o2switch.
Locally, there are 16Go RAM

Hi @weedor,

That shouldn’t be an issue. Could you possibly send temporary access to so we can take a look at it? I know I’ve asked for that a few times but it’s easier if you send it to us directly.

Much appreciated.

No problem @Louis . You are welcome.
On the contrary, again, I do appreciate your support.
I will set the site on fatal error and send the link to support.
Even with fatal error, the Wordpress backend is still reachable.

Sorry this was not the "good " issue.
I will let the site live.

Hi @weedor,

Thanks for the login details.
I wasn’t able to crash my browser but can see that the Code block inside the Query block could lead to issues.

We applied a little fix in and would appreciate if you could update to that and see if it helps.

If not, I’d appreciate to have access to your installation for a bit longer.


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I upgraded to but not Woocommerce (6.8.2).
Thank you for the code : I added a test on empty cart (if( is_null( WC()->cart ) ) return;) that avoids massive error.
Unfortunately, I set a search filter in the query block. The page broke again when I removed the option query >search>wordpress.
So, please, access to thesite as often and for the duration that you need.
You are welcome home.

There is something strange with code block.
An error is diplayed but I am pretty sure that the code is ok now. I can edit with no problem the code in the “small” screen, but as soon as I try to grow up the screen, the issue occures.

Hi @weedor,

Could I possibly upload a file to your installation to see if we have a fix for the issue with WooCommerce?

For sure, you are welcome.
Thank you @Louis
Do you need the ftp access? In this case, I will send it to you via private message.

As you like. Either FTP or a file manager plugin on the installation itself, whatever suits you best.
Thanks @weedor

I ha never used plugin, and have no knowledge. But it is a good solution.
Do you install it or do you prefer that I do it. In this case can you, please, propose a plugin name.

Will do it :wink: Will keep you informed!