New Post Content Editor Max. Width setting

We spotted this and eagerly went to test out this setting on the page template:

Screenshot 2023-09-17 at 14.50.09

We saved the template and edited a page. There was no discernible difference in the display.

Have we misunderstood what this does or is there a trick or nuance to it that we haven’t grasped yet?

@Araminta, @JohnD, Please can you confirm the purpose of this property and the expected result of using it so we can rule out a bug or temporary incompetence on our part.



That should alter the editor width as set up here:$2y$10$lNCiBaKSUHx5VMn5oRgcQOfVtBYvt24fl25XG4bajpt8ICGDZ5Vri

In this example, posts and pages have different content widths on the backend.

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Yes, that is what we expected. Whatever the cause, it must have been a temporary glitch. Setting this on the posts template worked perfectly first time. Then after deleting the value for the page template and re-adding it, it started to work for pages also.

We can now remove all of the styles we were using as a workaround for this.

Thank you Cwicly Team for adding this useful feature!