New Cwicly-based site:

Hey all,

I’m super excited to have published my first major site build on Cwicly: - mobile permaculture chicken coops for household/backyard use.

In this case, it’s a Woocommerce store that’s built with Cwicly before official support landed. That certainly posed its challenges, but I think we made it through :blush:. I ended up with a completely custom product page template, built on Cwicly, and doing lots of custom styling—using Ciwcly global classes, and a bit of custom css, to override Woocommerce—to get the Woocommerce cart/checkout/account pages to cooperate. If my shipping and payment providers were compatible with the new Woocommerce blocks, that would have made my job easier and make the experience better. The providers are working on it and I’ll switch as soon as support is rolled out. Once Cwicly rolls out their own Woocommerce blocks, that will be the real deal :star_struck:.

I’ve been very happy with Cwicly as a full site editing and builder framework, and it’s now become central to my business offerings moving forward. I’m especially grateful for all the support I received from the Cwicly team through this build. @Louis and the rest have been great!!!

Please check out the new site, and if you’re into raising your own food, buy one! :grinning:


Hey, just came across this, and I love what you’re making!

Just my 2c: your slider auto-slides way too fast. :slight_smile: