Need help to design/ build a next/ previous post navigation

I have defined custom posts, and want to build a navigation at the end of each post like this (done this with a block based but none FSE theme before), need not be that specific, but at least I want a next post showing the the post title of that next post, considering the order defined:

before hover:


and should consider the order I have entered at each cpt (in quick edit mode, top right):

And last but not least, should stop (not further navigation shown) when first one or last one is reached (for previous and for next respectively)

Hi @FZwo ,

There are two straightforward ways to make previous / next posts work in Cwicly.

For your use case I recommend the dynamic context option due to your specific requirements.

I recently shared how to achieve this pending implementation of built-in visibility conditions that Louis has planned to include.

We tested and it works just as well whether checking the emptiness of either the post id or post title within the dynamic context.