Navigator drives me nuts!

Working on sunday morning is perhaps not a good idea!
I have quite a long menu in navigator and for sure the items I am working on are at the very bottom. When I move, delete, duplicate, etc. an item the menu is refresed (I don’t exactly know how) and I must scroll in the menu to find out where I was. If the operation ran ok, it a not a big deal. But if not (move for exemple) it could be really hard to it’s hard to find your little ones there.

I just wanted to let you know, this has been mentioned very recently, so the team is at least aware of it.

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I know (I read the topic), but this morning I was really driven mad with that!

I’m leaving a hug here.


Whenever you feel this way again, return to this place and pick it up.
This should help.

That’s cool!
I’ll follow this way!

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Hello @weedor,

I’m sorry you feel this way about our navigator… We have done our best to make the navigation experience appreciable.
If it’s any consolation, there is the core navigator by Gutenberg :wink:

In any case, brings a fix so that the navigator doesn’t jump to the top when you remove blocks.

I couldn’t reproduce the jump issue with other actions, do you mind sharing a quick screencast of this happening? Thanks

When I move, delete, duplicate, etc


Sorry to made you a bit upset. That was not the point, it was just a bad mood. You know well that I am fan…

No hard feelings @weedor, appreciate the honesty when it comes to saying what you don’t like in Cwicly :wink:
And in the end, it helps make Cwicly better so :+1:

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