Navigator -> Collapse / Expand all buttons are gone

Hey there,

with WP Version 6.5 and the latest cwicly version it seems that the expand all / collapse all Buttons on the navigator have gone.

Can anyone confirm this?



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We haven’t upgraded to WP 6.5 on our Cwicly sites yet, I will let you know within the next few days if we are able to replicate this.

Hi @Wolfgang,

Unfortunately they disappeared in 1.4.1, it’s not WP. I miss them too :wink:

But you can now use ALT-L keyboard shortcut or right click menu to collapse/expand ALL, or SHIFT + click on block arrow collapse/expand a specific container to expand collapse children.


Discussed here:

Ahhh I see, this is in reference to the buttons that were previously at the top of the Navigator before the upgrade in 1.4.1. Thank you for making the clarifying distinction @yankiara.

@Wolfgang you may also find the feature shift click on the arrow of each block to expand all children useful as well as the Navigator settings for “Expand On Click” and “Expand All By Default”.

Oh well I didn’t recognize that to be honest, thanks a lot guys.

The only thing I’m missing is the handy collapse all feature… it helped a lot to get a kind of overview… :slight_smile: