Nav block: Dropdown arrow badly positionned with fixed header

** Cwicly Plugin version: **


Nav block dropdown arrows are badly positionned inside a position: fixed header.


Hi @yankiara,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing trouble with this.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reproduce this error on my end.
Could you possibly share a frontend link so I may take a closer look at this?
If you prefer, you can share the link with me privately.

Additionally, to investigate this issue further I have set up a demo instance.
You can log in with this.
Please see the Nav arrow test page.

Feel free to change it to how you have set it up on your installation, to see if the error is reproducible.

Thank you in advance.

I got the same problem and noticed it happens because of my backdrop-filter:blur() for my header. The images from @yankiara looks like he could also use that filter.

I had the same issue, position sticky and also using backdrop filter, not sure if that’s the real problem!

Hi, thx, I tried to remove the backdrop filter but no change.

(Support is investigating.)

@Araminta, Confirming we are also experiencing the identical issue - we also have backdrop-filter and position: sticky on the header.

@Araminta, Just confirming this issue is still present in


Confirming the issue only with the following parameters:

  • Position is sticky
  • Backdrop filter is applied

This has been added to our bug tracker.

Best regards,