My new website version

I wanted something that highlight my photos.


Many thanks to Louis for its help: I was used to work with Elementor, but, cwicly, is very different.
I still have to do the tablet and phone versions.


Thanks for sharing :muscle:

Some constructive feedback, if you don’t mind.

  1. In some cases, there is lack of contrast regarding the text and text background inside the image containers, so it’s a bit hard to read
  2. You could start the opacity transition of the text area as soon as the cursor hovers the image block (achievable with relative styling), currently you need to hover the text area
  3. Opacity duration on hover takes a bit too long

Point 1.) needs to be addressed imo, 2.) and 3.) is personal preference I guess.

It is the reason why I shared it: having opinions.

  1. I was not sure about the opacity, so I will change it

  2. I tried the relative styling, but have some problems with it, may be next week

  3. I used one second, I thought less was too quick

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