My first business site (my own one) - fully Cwicly

Folks, it has been bumpy road for me as I am not an agency, or a WordPress professional or professional developer (not aiming to become one), coming from block based themes, but new to fse.

But is has been worth the way, learned a lot, and I am more & more appreciating not to be limited by a theme style, nor by missing features where additional plugins, php or CSS is necessary. I had some great value from some templates from the library I could learn from, e.g. the share button is awesome, the header in mobile version is great after some tweaks, and how to use columns for horizontal rows and be efficient in changes with virtual classes. And last but not least, performance is awesome, even without having caching enabled.

So, here we go (the pages of my portfolio are not all ready yet):

If anyone has some feedback how to improve some of its pieces, let me know!


Welcome to the community! Pretty glad you liked the experience! Amazing job here!

Kein Bullshit

I LOVE it. I need a shirt with that. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

On your contact form, I would make sure everything is balanced. The first and last name fields are very short compared to the other two fields. I’d make them 50% each so they stretch out and fill the entire form box. See:

Thanks :grinning: I have to soften that statement a bit before going live…

The contact form is the only 3rd party plugin (besides the legal one for cookies) I had to use, it is WS Form Lite, free and not too heavy, but it is a bit cumbersome to tweak it. It needs definitely some rework to fit to the design of my site…

Can I ask, which mulitlingual plugin do you use with Cwicly?
And check your menu, there are some english/deutsch mixups.

thanks for bringing this up…I use TranslatePress, which is the best so far. Skipped WPML (toxic), and Polylang (doubles the sites)

Thanks for sharing your site and especially your experience while building.
Seems like you got all your questions answered during the process, as I can see quite a few things implemented.

Personally, I would decrease the transition duration of the menu block a bit.
It’s quite high in this case when inverting the colors on hover.

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Hi @FZwo, Thank you for sharing. I am curious about your experience with WPML, what was it that made you skip it?

WPML is widely spread and a long time on the market. And that is probably the problem, featured & structured to death, based on (just guessing) outdated technologies, not able to make a switch or reset. I experienced a buggy, heavy, performance decreasing and too complicated solution, so I put my lifetime license into the trash.

TranslatePress I like the translation is that easy, translated text is stored in the database instead duplicating pages, and translating even strings are no hurdle. And even if not everything is not translated, the functionality is given, so you can translate step by step your pages. The only disadvantage I see is, If text is changed, its translation has to be restored (and changed appropriately), otherwise it is not displaying in the foreign language(s), but it could be that with the payed version and it’s features this could be handled differently.