My 4th, 5th & 6th builds

Just completed 3 more sites. I actually have a few more that I’m way behind on that I hope to complete before November’s end. Also finished #3 last week. Will probably share that at some point.

The sites are for 3 restaurants owned by a chef and her husband/restaurant manager. They’re within a half mile of each other. He needed to be able to manage the reservations, menus, wine lists and live music schedule for all of them in one place.

I had made a post on the FB page with a little preview of the admin dashboard I created for the owner to manage all 3:

The 95% finished (dev) sites are below:


They all link to each other in the footer as well.

Welcome the feedback on any improvements I should make.


Awsome! I am seeing two scrollbars for sandbar website

Thanks, I saw as well. Too tired to troubleshoot right now.

Noticed after adding the animate-on-scroll. I will go through and optimize and see if I can identify the culprit.

congrats! looking good
just on the first restaurant, the gallery on my screen is aligned to the left leaving a large space on the right…
do you like it like that?
maybe you are working on a smaller resolution and never encounter that
pic attached

I think I just need to report this as a bug now. Every Cwicly update reverts it back to defaults.

The gallery block forces default settings that keep overriding my custom CSS, and it’s annoying. I mentioned to Louis before, and he pointed out that the defaults were expected behaviour.

Thanks for pointing out that it’s returned.

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Had to add !important (which I hate) to override these settings.

Nice builds. As @kane said, I see 2 scrollbar too for that site.

I’m noticing quite a few custom rules applied to the gallery items. Maybe the Gallery block is not best suited for this type of custom construct?

Possibly, but I need the ability to easily add a lot of images, be able to rearrange them as needed, and then link to a lightbox view. Currently, the gallery block is the simplest way to accomplish this.

As it is now, and outside of the masonry view, the gallery block displays images in a standard grid, with a few predefined parameters (or combination of parameters). What you’ve seen is that my use case requires something slightly different.

As an example, for a good, responsive workflow, I don’t think defining the gallery image height is practical. It will break (or result in oddly sized images) as the viewport gets smaller, necessitating specifying heights for all the sizes all the way down. I simpy define the aspect ratio and not having to worry about it.

I’m sure you never intended for it to be used this way, but it would be impossible for you to envision all the ways a developer might want to implement the various tools you’ve built. Philosophically, I see it as one of the things that Cwicly has been good at - giving us design freedom.

So, in short, it’s easier for me to use custom styles, than it is to find some other laborious workaround. Ideally, the default styles could be removed/disabled altogether if needed. The gallery block gives me 90% of what I need, so I don’t mind using the odd !important to get that last 10%.