Multiple source from search input filter

Currently I have a Post Type that has a custom field called ‘searchable-tags’, that I also wish to be able to search this along with the post title altogether and return in the filter result.

I have set the Query’s search to be based on the dynamic WordPress Url parameter and the key set to my filter key which is ‘ts’

I did the same thing to my custom field, which I set a Meta query and the meta key I put ‘searchable-tags’ and to compare it with the dynamic WordPress Url parameter and the key set to ‘ts’ as well.

After this, whenever I search in the input filter, it only return the result that contains the keyword in my custom field, and it is not searching the post title anymore. Does anyone achieved this kind of result before and can point me out what is the correct direction for me to achieve this?

Thank you!

Actually this is escalated as I found out that whenever I want to have the meta query to be in the key with the input filter, and then my taxonomy filter also won’t work anymore. Like some of the value works, and some don’t, this is very strange.

Hi @lukelee,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!

As mentioned in my email to you, the search filter does not currently support multiple sources, though we do plan for this in the future.

I’ll move this to planned feature requests, so the team and I can keep track of it.

@Araminta Thank you for rising this up! Look forward for this new feature release!

I’m not sure what tool you’re using to create your custom fields, but if it’s ACF, you should check out: ACF: Better Search – WordPress plugin |

It allows you to include ACF fields within the WordPress search.

Hey sunny,

Yea I tried that one and it doesn’t do anything to the Cwicly search input filter unfortunately.

@Araminta happy to see this is now planned. Any ETA for this to be implement?